Workshop Program


May 14th, 2014 (Wed.): Registration and welcome reception

May 15th, 2014 (Thur.): Day 1 of Workshop

May 16th, 2014 (Fri.): Day 2 of Workshop, plus evening drinks on the beach

The workshop is co-located with the Spring 2014 AMTSO Meeting, which will be held May 13th and 14th at the same location

Wednesday May 14th

1800-1930    Registration Opens
1900-2200    Welcome Reception

Thursday May 15th

0700-1000    Registration
0730-0900    Breakfast Buffet
0900-0910    Welcome Remarks - Dr. Richard Ford
0910-1010    Keynote - Godert Jan van Manen. Topic will be announced on the day, but you don't want to miss it!
1010-1050    Session 1:
Marianne Mallen, Microsoft. "Mobile Banking Trojans Just got More Crafty"
1050-1110    Coffee

1110-1230    Session 2:
Martin Smarda, Pavel Sramek, AVAST!. "Uncovering Android Social Engineering Campaigns by perceptually hashing app icons" (20 mins)
Tiberius Axinte, Bitdefender. "Remote Code Execution via mobile advertising SDKS" (20 mins)
Irfan Asrar, Manoj Jindal, McAfee. "The Tizen Platform"
1230-1330    Lunch

1330-1450    Session 3:
Lorenzo Cavallaro, Royal Holloway. "Copper Droid"
Philipp Wolf, Matthias Ollig, AVIRA, "Defeating Obfuscation with selective code transformation and fuzzy detection" (20 mins)

Dennis Batchelder, Microsoft. Roundtable invitation. (20 mins)
1450-1510    Coffee

1510-1630    Session 4:
Dennis Batchelder, Microsoft. "Daring to Fight Differently"
Simon Edwards, Vladimir Koychev, Dennis Technology Lab. "Replaying Web Based Threats"

1630-1750    Email Break!

1645-1730 Microsoft round table discussion - Optional

At 1750, buses depart for our evening event at Kennedy Space Center. Please note you will need a government issued photo ID for this trip, and cannot bring weapons, alcohol, etc. on base. Think of it as preparing for a flight.

Friday May 16th

0730-0900    Breakfast buffet
0900-0910    Administrivia - Dr. Richard Ford
0910-1010    Keynote - Mikko Hypponen: The Changing Enemy
1010-1050    Session 5:
Ben April, Trend Micro. "Do you hear what I hear: Audio Frequencies as a Covert Communication Vector"
1050-1110    Coffee Break
1110-1230    Session 6:
Marco Carvalho, Florida Tech. "Mobile as a defense resource"
Robert Lipovsky, ESET, "ObFUZZcation Issues" (20 mins)
Omri Herscovici, Liran Englender, Checkpoint. "Exploiting the Kit: On exploit-scraping the Neutrino exploit kit" (20 mins)

1230-1330    Lunch

1330-1450    Session 7
Axelle Apvrille, Ruchna Nigam, Fortinet. "How Android Malware Fights (and we fight back!)"
Donghyun Kang, Ahnlab. "Mobile malware which targets mobile banking"

1450-1510    Coffee

1510-1710    Session 8:
Igor Muttik, McAfee. "Love All. Trust a Few."
Jean-Ian Boutin, ESET. "The Commoditization of Mobile Banking Malware" (20 mins)
Hitesh Dharmdasani, FireEye. "Android.Miso.SMS" (20 mins)
Kalnai Peter, Filip Chytry, AVAST! "Weak automated Heuristic for Android Packages"
1710-1715    Closing Remarks - Dr. Richard Ford

1830-Late    Closing drinks and Island buffet